“I have two children, both of which have had services at CLC; one who is still currently attending CLC.
My oldest son, who was diagnosed with speech apraxia, among other things, has attended CLC since about age three – he is currently age seven. During his time at CLC, I have not only seen a huge change in his overall speech and language development but also his confidence. When he was younger, we had multiple physicians as well as a neurologist say that he may never be able to talk – and if he did, he would be well into his teens before doing so. Happily, we found CLC and Mrs. Jennifer and that was not the case.
When he was younger, his speech was completely lacking and we did sign language for him to communicate his wants and needs. As he progressed through CLC, he started dropping the signs and replacing them with the actual words. Of course, as a mother, I was thrilled and so astonished with the work not only he put into his speech and language development but also the work Mrs. Jennifer did as well.
By far, I contribute his overall speech and language development to Mrs. Jennifer almost 100%. Without her, I know Lyric would not be as far developed as he is currently. Everyone at the Center is wonderful and always so helpful. Anytime I have a question, everyone there is always willing to assist me and find the answer.
The CLC is probably the most useful tool in the community for parents like me who have children with speech and/or language disabilities.” – Jana



“Our family will always be indebted to the Childhood Language Center. My son has been seen for three and a half years by the same therapist. Within that time, he has mastered all sounds except for one. He is making weekly progress in his final sound and will soon graduate from speech.

That time will be sad and exciting. Exciting because of the progress he has made over the years, with many thanks to his therapist. It will be sad because the CLC has become a part of our family. We appreciate and value everything they do, not only for our child, bit for all of the other children they help.

Everyone at the CLC strives to include the entire family in special activities and events and to always make you feel welcome.” – Kelly



“Four years ago, a few months after my son turned two, I started wondering why he wasn’t talking yet.

His pediatrician told me that is was nothing to worry about, that boys often start talking later than girls. Not satisfied with that answer, I contacted WV Birth to Three myself and had him evaluated for a speech delay. At 26 months he was diagnosed with a 14-month delay in speech and sounds. I was devastated. That was more than half his age! Birth to Three told me that we would be lucky if he could say his name by the time he started kindergarten. We started therapy immediately, but because of his age, he wasn’t going to qualify for therapy for long.

I started researching programs in the Kanawha Valley, found the CLC and applied. Luckily, we made it to the top of the waiting list right before he aged out of Birth to Three. We were assigned to Amber and she was absolutely wonderful. Corey and Amber worked together almost every week for more than three years and his progress was amazing. More importantly, he never complained about going, because to him, it was just a weekly play session. Fast-forward to this summer and Corey has “graduated” from his therapy at the CLC and he started kindergarten this year.

Not only can he say his name, but also he is scoring off the charts in all of his reading and phonics assessments because of the program Amber used to help him learn his sounds. It was a long, hard road but Amber was with us every step and I can never thank her enough.” – Jill


“My daughter Abby developed normally until around 16 months and then her language began to regress. She went from full sentences to one and two word utterances. We qualified for the Birth to Three program, however when she graduated I was surprised to find that our insurance would not pay to continue her speech therapy. We paid for private therapy for a few months, but eventually we had to stop for financial reasons.

I applied to the Childhood Language Center and Abby began receiving services in about two months. Even though she still has things that need to be corrected and worked on, she has very much improved.

We are a single income middle class family who deeply appreciate the excellent services the Childhood Language Center provides.” – Becky



“My name is Amy and my son Levi has been blessed enough to have a free speech therapy session every week. We drive a good ways to and from the Childhood Language Center and have on a regular basis for over eight years.
This is a very magical place filled with hope, love and understanding. Words could never express my gratitude to his therapist, Miss Mary, who is amazing. We are so happy to be part of this family because my child has many challenging behaviors and we are always welcomed with open arms.
We are just so incredibly thankful for this extra chance to help our son that would not be available because our insurance only pays for a certain amount of therapies.  They are also so thorough that I found out my son had over 50 syllable deletions, which is something in all of our years of attending other speech therapies we have never been told. Truly words are not enough to even begin to explain the amazing opportunity every child that is blessed enough to receive a time slot.
Thank you for all the magical therapy experience you provide to my son and family and so many other families as well.” – Amy